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Hello Anastasia 
I want to thank the staff at Anastasia for a wonderful experience. One, which I will never forget. The large number of beautiful and highly intelligent ladies was incredible. I never would have believed how great this trip could have been unless I had been there myself and even though I personally met dozens of great women, I also met one very special one, who to me, stood above all the rest. I have been corresponding with her and already I'm planning my next trip. I've even spoken to hear since I got back and just the sound of her voice was enough to convince me that this trip may have been the best thing I've ever done in my life. I can't thank you enough. To all of my new friends over seas, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you all again soon.



  • Ulbo F, November 2005

    I enjoyed Moscow and the Tour. I met some nice, kind and interesting ladies during the Tour. I am corresponding with several girls now that I do consider to be extraordinary and having the quality I am looking for; I think I will continue corresponding and then meet the best of them personal. So that is just my story so far; I will go back to Russia or Ukraine to meet some special lady but I think I will give my choosen one, just all  my attention that she deserves this time :-)

  • Danny A, November 2005

    The tour was very nice, very educational and I met a lot of wonderful ladies. I really like Natalia from Nikolaev. The staff was great and the people were more friendly than I thought they would be.

  • Donald C, November 2005

    The tour was as wonderful as I expected it to be and I found my first trip to Russia and Moscow to be another grand adventure I will allways cherish. I have, and will continue to endorce Anastasia International to men looking to find a love that will last a lifetime.

  • Darryl M, November 2005

    The social in Tver was a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the ladies that I talked with and danced with. They were very friendly and full of laughter. They seemed more innocent and sincere than the Moscow girls. I liked the Tver girls and I am glad that I went there.I was very satisfied with the staff. Sveta, Olga and Irina were very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed meeting all of them. The interpreters were very helpful and friendly. A bonus which the trip offered was the opportunity to meet the fellow guys on the trip and form some friendships.

  • Mark H, November 2005

    Margarita, I had a wonderful time in Odessa, and I feel it was the vacation that I needed!

  • Michael M, November 2005

    Anastasia system works, you just have to be patient.Like my tour in May, this tour was an awesome experience. Going back to Odessa, a city I have grown to love was wonderful.  It was especially nice to see Irina and Karina again and to meet Margarita, Olga and Jed. They all were extremely helpful to me. And I felt like they were truly my friends. Unlike last time, I came in a day earlier than the tour and stayed 9 days extra. Last time I was disappointed when the tour left on Saturday morning, so I gave myself not only that extra weekend, but one weekend more too. It made the difference, as I am now engaged to a lovely lady, and have already started the visa process.

  • Allan K, November 2005

    Hi there! I am coming back to Ukraine for New Years and Christmas for a couple weeks. Going to spend a little time in Odessa then stay in Nikolaev (did I spell that right?) for 2 weeks, and see where this goes…

  • John P, November 2005

    A very interesting experience and I believe successful. I am currently sending for some document translations and then I will submit the visa petition. I will be going back to visit Elena for a week or so each month until we get her visa.

  • Morton Z, November 2005

    I had a terrific time in Odessa. In fact I'm booking my next flight now back now.  I'll send you a picture of the brunette who was as real and sincere as ever. We traveled together my last four days.

  • Gabe P, November 2005

    I had a good time in odessa I don't have any complaints. It was fun.

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