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Hello Anastasia 
I want to thank the staff at Anastasia for a wonderful experience. One, which I will never forget. The large number of beautiful and highly intelligent ladies was incredible. I never would have believed how great this trip could have been unless I had been there myself and even though I personally met dozens of great women, I also met one very special one, who to me, stood above all the rest. I have been corresponding with her and already I'm planning my next trip. I've even spoken to hear since I got back and just the sound of her voice was enough to convince me that this trip may have been the best thing I've ever done in my life. I can't thank you enough. To all of my new friends over seas, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you all again soon.



  • John S, November 2005

    I enjoyed Ukraine, I liked the food. The Ukrainian people seemed to be friendly and welcomed Americans - unlike some countries in Europe. I thought the hotel was good - clean room, decent service, good breakfast. You and the girls were great. You tried your best.
    The socials, as I told you and Olga, I prefer a slightly older lady, 40+ but most of the ladies at the socials were in their 20's to 30's. I understand that most, if not all, of the guys on the tour wanted young girls. I would not mind returning to Ukraine. In fact, one of the ladies I met has asked me to come back (Elena, from Nikolaev). I will give that serious consideration.

  • Jan O, November 2005

    The whole arrangement was a sucsess, I think. Hotel was nice, all your staff was so nice and helpful, the socials in Odessa and Kehrson was at nice clubs, and the women there were really friendly and easy to communicate with. Also most of the men were friendly.
    I can say I really had one of the most memorable and funniest times in my life, and I will tell all my friends about it, and I will gladly recommend it to other men who ask about it.

  • Bob H, November 2005

    Unfortunately I did not discern the chemistry I am looking for in the  ladies I met at the socials. The sweet part of the trip is that my very good friend, Alan, got engaged while he was there to a wonderful lady and I'm very happy for the both of them. And too, I'm still determined that my future wife be from the Russia/Ukraine region as I have another friend who lives close by and his wife is also a gem from St. Petersburg. I must simply persevere with my corresponding and hopefully return to the region in 5-6 months.

  • Dennis A, November 2005

    Had wonderful time and I am getting married. Thanks very much!

  • Dan H., November 2005

    The overall tour was better than expected. The staff was very courteous and friendly. I will be seeing you very soon. I look forward to it!

  • James M., November 2005

    I enjoyed my trip to Odessa very much. It is a very beautiful city with a lot of beautiful ladies. Everyone at Anastasia was very friendly and helpful.

  • Steven, October 2005

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for the Email, and just to let you know I am returning to Odessa on November the 8th and plan on spending the Holidays with my Anastasia girl. The trip to Kiev and Odessa in July and August was fabulous. I recommend your services to many of my single friends.
    Thanks again for all your assistance.

  • Paul W, September 2005

     I met a wonderful lady in Odessa, Elina. I couldn't ask for more in a woman than her. She's absolutely amazing and beautiful. I attached a picture of her for you to see.  When I get more of my pictures on cd I will send them to you. I had a great time on the tour. It was a lot of fun. I met so great people, and became friends with many of them. The tours were great and very informative to go on, especially the catacombs and the temples. I had a great time!

  • Michael, August 2005

    My experience for the Odessa and Nikolaev tour was great. When I met up with Julia in Nikolaev during the social, we hit it off. We only spend partial days/nights together, but I had a wonderful time with her. My new goal after meeting Julia was to make friends and get acquainted with Odessa and Nikolaev, so I could return to spend time with Julia and other friends I've made.Be sure that Marina, from the Nikolaev agency, gets a special thanks for helping with Julia. She was truly great and looked out for me, safety and comfort, despite my best efforts to down play the need. And of course, I loved all of the Anastasia staff, yourself included!

  • Dave B, August 2005

    The services in the hospitality suite were excellent, even if I usually went up there just to sit around and talk. Margarita did answer a few questions I had and made me feel more confident about what I was doing. I felt everything was well organized, even with such a big group.  As for myself, it was my first trip and I listened attentively and learned a great deal in the process. It is a trip I will remember forever especially that last night, dancing in the rain at that club, that was great!

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