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Hello Anastasia 
I want to thank the staff at Anastasia for a wonderful experience. One, which I will never forget. The large number of beautiful and highly intelligent ladies was incredible. I never would have believed how great this trip could have been unless I had been there myself and even though I personally met dozens of great women, I also met one very special one, who to me, stood above all the rest. I have been corresponding with her and already I'm planning my next trip. I've even spoken to hear since I got back and just the sound of her voice was enough to convince me that this trip may have been the best thing I've ever done in my life. I can't thank you enough. To all of my new friends over seas, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you all again soon.



  • Peter G, August 2005

    The tour met my expectations.  We stayed at a good location, the socials were fine (especially the one in Nikolaev which seemed to have the most and best girls) and I had no problems.  I met with a lot of my girl friends and I am sure I will hook up on a permanent basis with someone here soon.  If not, I expect to marry you, as I think it was in the contract :-)

  • Oray A, August 2005

    I had a great time in Odessa. Margarita, the other hostess, and interpreters were all very helpfull and pleasant to work with. This was very important for me and made the trip more special. The Hotel was also first class and very comfortable. I had a great time in general and would definitly go again or recommend it to others. In fact, I am looking to go back to Odessa in the coming month or two. It was a great experience!

  • Chad C, August 2005

    The staff was outstanding: Rita, Ira, Irina, Karina and Sasha were very helpful and I recommend there service. The guides were excellent.

  • Sean T, August 2005

    It is really great to hear from you. I am still so tired from no sleep but the fault and the pleasure was all mine. Trip was worth it. I came to meet only one lady so socials were useless to me. I enjoyed the comfort and safety of the city as well as help and friendship of Anastasia staff. For me the trip was success as I found many good friends that I would love to return to see again.

  • William T, August 2005

    Loved everything about my visit there.

  • Damon H, August 2005

    I have really had a wonderful time. The women have been ever more than I have expected!

  • Robert C, August 2005

    The staff of Anastasia, Moscow and Odessa reps, is very much appreciated. Their attitudes and behavior are very helpful for us and they are always offering their service. One of your is best assets.   
    Margarita, your services, those of Ira and Brian Briacho were excellent. Thank you for all the services that you did to me and transfer my thankful thoughts to Ira.

  • Bill P, August 2005

    Wonderful people with Anastasia wonderful people in Ukraine (Odessa and Nikolaev). The most lovely city that I have ever visited. The staff helped me much. The food was great. The weather was pleasant.
    Many thanks to everybody!

  • Barry C, August 2005

    This was an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended.

  • Brian, August 2005

    For the most part I enjoyed the tour. I enjoyed the city and I thought the accomidations were great. I met some terrific people and I do not regret going. It was truly a unique experience for me. I know the three of you worked very hard for everyone and I appreciate all that was done for me. I also appreciate the talk we had in Nikolaev. It helped me. I would like to wish you and the others the very best and much happiness. Who knows you may see me again for another tour.

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