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Hello Anastasia 
I want to thank the staff at Anastasia for a wonderful experience. One, which I will never forget. The large number of beautiful and highly intelligent ladies was incredible. I never would have believed how great this trip could have been unless I had been there myself and even though I personally met dozens of great women, I also met one very special one, who to me, stood above all the rest. I have been corresponding with her and already I'm planning my next trip. I've even spoken to hear since I got back and just the sound of her voice was enough to convince me that this trip may have been the best thing I've ever done in my life. I can't thank you enough. To all of my new friends over seas, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you all again soon.



  • Arthur B, May 2005

    More than I expected

  • Michael M, June 2005

    All staff members very helpful. Socials good for men looking for young girls not enough ladies over 35, but I found mine with great help from Olga. I can not thank Olga enough for work she did juggling my mistake with having 2 dates in one day.

  • Jeff H, May 2005

     I had a wonderful time on the tour.For the most part most of the women I saw seemed to be sincere and real. I was very pleased with the staff, they did a wonderful job. I know they had their hands full with 40 American men!!!! But you guys did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. I also liked the idea of a tour rep meeting us at the airport, and traveling with us to Odessa from JFK. It helped me to feel more comfortable with traveling into a foreign country not speaking the language. But I still cannot say enough about the  girls tough. They really did a superb job.Very friendly, and helpful. I do hope to take another tour perhaps next summer as soon as I can recover from the expense of this one.

  • Phil A, April 2005

     I have done a lot of international traveling on my own without using a tour and Anastasia does make it very simple and easy. I think the tour is the only way to go initially to any area. Once you have been there and have a feel for it you can go back on your own but the socials really help you to find what you are looking for.The most important thing to remember is you are looking for the right woman (you will meet a lot of women if you want to)so do not get too depressed if you do not find her at the 1st or 2nd social because like me you might find her at the last moment of the last social as I did.

  • Roger C, April 2005

    I would like to say thank you for a wonderful time to Anastasia and staff that could not be any better!

  • Tony, April 2005

    Allan, Anna, Irina and Karina were very great. I felt like I was at home all the time. It was a great experience and I would do it again. There are so many people in Odessa that treat you so well. It was a nice vacation. Thank you.

  • Gary W, April 2005

    The tour met all my expectations and more. Sasha, Irina, Anna and Karina have been wonderful and much working. I have found you have the best staff. They tried their best to get me some visa that I wanted to get into Russia, they were helpful in every way. The socials were interesting and the tours were very well done. Everything was very well done and organized.  On the whole it was a very good experience. Accommodation was the best. The hotel staff and the hotel were excellent. People were friendly and helpful. The view from my room was also magnificent.

  • John K, April 2005

    I had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed myself. The staff was very courteous and helpful and did a wonderful job. The interpreters were always very pleasant and professional. I thought the tours were great. The guide had great personality.

  • Gareth K, April 2005

    The person I will remember most on this trip was Anna from Anastasia. Her efforts were wonderful. She was sincere and interested at all times. Her language skills were excellent. Her knowledge was excellent and her kindness was excellent.
    I would attend this tour again. I was very satisfied and happy. The hotel was wonderful and very comfortable. I was treated well by everyone. I was treated well in restaurants and even by three car drivers. I have had a wonderful experience and will miss Odessa. I wish I could return again with this team from Anastasia.

  • Michael H, April 2005

    The tour support team of you, Karina and Irina were excellent.  I always felt like you were interested in helping me to make the most of my time in Odessa.  Even though there were always several men looking for help each morning, I never had to wait very long to get help from either you or Karina.  I did not work with Irina, but she also seemed to be helpful to others.The hotel was great.  I was very comfortable in the room and the services were good.  I liked having the Panorama bar in the hotel.  That was a nice place to end the evening and socialize with the other guys.

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