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December 2005

Hello Margarita,
You and your staff are the best looking staff I've ever worked's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.The flight back home was long but the layover in Vienna was fantastic...Dale had lived there while going to college some years back so we got a guided tour and Vienna is a great way to finish the tour...the layover gave us a chance to reflect on what we all just did/accomplished...we all shared pics of our ladies and got to bond probably for the last time as a group…
The socials were/are a very good experience. It took me until the 3rd social, Nikolaev, to finally get the hang of it. I was still jet lagged I suppose,  but eventually I found someone for myself only. Some men attend with the intent of meeting many women, others only for one. I was there to meet one lady and was fortunate to find her...I hope.
The hotel accomodations were excellent. Everything was made available and questions were answered punctually, money exchange handy. The restaurants all had delicious foods available and being of a different cuisine than what I am accustomed to, Ukranian food is great.
I am extremely happy that I used Anastasia tours and have been recommending it to all my single friends here. For a First timer I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to meet very beautiful ladies of different ages, backgrounds, cultures - there were even differences from city to city - with the hope of meeting a friend/lover/partner/mate....what we're all looking for. Anastasia, great work...! Of course it only offers the opportunities and it is up to the individual to make something of it...also fate plays a hand in it but I come away with a great memorie and pictures of a wonderful moment in my life. I am looking forward to going back to the Ukraine in Feb 06 to continue my journey with Olga, but for anyone wanting to "shake up" their life, this is a beautiful way to do it.
My only regret is that it ended...a very good time...of course I was fortunate to be in love for the tour but I would have been happy even if I had not met have to look at it all "with fresh eyes" a kid at I always tell my people here in California, "attitude is everything"...
Margarita I wish I got to know you ended too fast...suddenly we're on the bus to the airport and you leaving for Moscow...tears weren't shed but it felt like a tender were definitly the hardest working person there, Karina and Irina were also helpful. We're all out chasing girls throughout the city and you're holding down the fort, as we say in the US Navy, "bravo zulu"...job well done... I hope to see you in the future and hope you don't mind if I drop in on you all in Feb…


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