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December 2005

Hello Margarita,
I am doing great and I hope you are also. My flight to New York was fun, as I had time to talk with some of the guys on the trip, that I had not even got to know very well while in Odessa. We shared our stories of the tour of course, and I think that many of the guys on the trip were very satisfied.
It takes me an extra day to come home, and that is the worst part of the trip, saying goodbye and staying in New York overnight, but then it is good to be home the next day and tell my friends about everything that happened in Ukraine. This was my second trip to Ukraine in 4 months, as I also took the Dnepropetrovsk tour in July. Both trips were good, but Odessa is where I would go again!! The get together in Nikolaev was something else. I have never been to such a get together as that, and you, Karina, and Irina, and Todd did a great job at the socials and throughout the whole tour. I am sure everyone would agree. You were all so helpful in the hospitality room to me, and thank you for that!!

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