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Recent Marriages

Dear Elena and David, 

Thank you very much for helping me find great happiness in the US. My James saw my picture on your website a little over a year ago and started writing to me. We wrote each other as quickly as our "crazy" countries' postal systems would deliver our letters. With help from Larry Holmes, James was able to meet me in Moscow last November. Our meeting was wonderful. We spent seven day together touring Moscow. Later in the week, James bought me a white Miniature Schnauzer as a token of his affection for me. Our affections for each other grew into a love. James proposed to me and I happily accepted. 

With help from Mr. Holmes and his staff in Moscow, I was able to come to the US with all my Miniature Schnauzers. James met us at JFK Airport in NY, and drove us to his mountain home is Pa. On March 17 we were married in Sebring, Fla., where James' parents reside.

We are very happy together. With the help of my husband, I am starting my kennel for raising and showing of my doggies. Again we thank you very much for all that you have done for our introduction and a wonderful, happy and loving life that we will share.

With much love and happiness,

James and Tanya, Sebring, Fl

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