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Dating scam determines the attitude to online dating.

What is vital when dating online? One of the major things, which online dating must be based on is safety. When safety is guaranteed by the company, (the similar experience has Anastasia-International Dating Site) this is wonderful, but still if you are on board, you should be aware of some facts many people face today. In fact there are a lot of advantages of online dating and one big disadvantage which can cross out all advantages. This is dating scam. Its existence influence greatly public opinion and their views on Internet dating. According to the survey, only half of the respondents believed that online dating is an excellent way to meet others.

Fight the scammers like famous brands do.

When communicating online, you can meet so many clever people of similar interests, they share your views and passions. You do not have to overcome shyness like you do at the party, for example, when you meet new people. You can say directly what you think and feel free. But you are not able to feel the same after you know that there may someone trying to suit you and adjust to you to be liked by you with the desire to pool you round the finger in the future. This is unpleasant feeling, but you may believe, that the feeling after you understand that somebody took advantage of your feelings is much worse than this. That is why it is better to remember about safety when talking to strangers online. This advice may seem not professional, but we should trust the intuition.

Scam as black PR. What is the famous brandís reaction?

We read often stories of people who faced the cheats in the net not theoretically, but in practice. They ignored all warnings all the big companies, did not care about them before and now they spread rumors that all dating sites have fake profiles not knowing anything about antiscam policy or work which famous sites conduct to get rid of this shameful phenomenon. It is impossible to eliminate it, but it is possible to reduce the source of their income, thus (hopefully!) making them labor somewhere else to provide the living. It is useless to blame each other, but it is to the benefit of both sides to give them a rebuff. Anastasia does not protect itself, the company has not done anything wrong.

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