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Dating scam determines the attitude to online dating.

What is vital when dating online? One of the major things, which online dating must be based on is safety. When safety is guaranteed by the company, (the similar experience has Anastasia-International Dating Site) this is wonderful, but still if you are on board, you should be aware of some facts many people face today. In fact there are a lot of advantages of online dating and one big disadvantage which can cross out all advantages. This is dating scam. Its existence influence greatly public opinion and their views on Internet dating.

According to the survey, only half of the respondents believed that online dating is an excellent way to meet others. The second half thought that it was a waste of time only. Only less than a quarter of them admitted that they applied to the dating service online with the purpose of the search of potential suitable match. The length of dating in the net before couples transfer their contacts offline is different. Antiscam policy suggests the real meeting must be postponed as long as possible to learn the person better. Reliable sources ask us to do so too. Anastasia-International advises person to have a correspondence first before making a decision to meet.

Taking into consideration, that the person will have to travel to the foreign country (Anastasia specialize on international dating) this is very important to know first if it is worth doing it. One independent survey reports about the biggest part of failures during the period when the couples moved their contact offline. Almost every American involved stated that there was at least one terrible date with the person met in the net. Two thirds of the respondents said that there were more good dates than bad ones, and this gives all love-seekers hope that your future mate may happen to be in that number. So, what is the conclusion? The presence of dating scam tells on people’s attitude to online dating upon the whole, but it does not in the way of their decision to participate in it.

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