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Scam as black PR. What is the famous brand’s reaction?

We read often stories of people who faced the cheats in the net not theoretically, but in practice. They ignored all warnings all the big companies, did not care about them before and now they spread rumors that all dating sites have fake profiles not knowing anything about antiscam policy or work which famous sites conduct to get rid of this shameful phenomenon. It is impossible to eliminate it, but it is possible to reduce the source of their income, thus (hopefully!) making them labor somewhere else to provide the living.

It is useless to blame each other, but it is to the benefit of both sides to give them a rebuff. Anastasia does not protect itself, the company has not done anything wrong. It only tries to prevent such facts, but nobody can see the heart of the person, do you agree? For example, there is a common belief (more than 70 % expressed this view), that the majority of online dating profiles contain false information. Probably it is better to apply to the source that assures that all the information in the profiles correct. Anastasia International performs such work. It is impossible to trace individuality’s likes and dislikes. But such important factors as age, marital status, number of children, which is important are checked through documents.

So you may be confident that you do not get just beautiful fairy-tale for money which has nothing to do with reality, but real communication with real person and real pictures. This is also checked on scam by Anastasia International. Where else will you find such service? It was also mentioned in the several sources that 30% of dating online are married! So this is natural that communication with the person who is married in real life can bring to nothing. All this contribute to black PR and the only way to avoid it – not to be hooked by professional swindlers and to use the service of famous brands.

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