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Anastasia Web: What is the most important to you about the lifetime partner and why did you feel Russian/Ukrainian ladies were the right choice for you?

A: We've asked them as a standard question: Why would they be interested in an older man, and they tell us persistently that older men are more understanding, we are more mature and we are very different from the young Russian men. I think they appreciate ourї the Western menМsї respect that we have for them as people because perhaps Russian men do not treat them with the same kind of respect that a Western man will treat every other women.


    I was attracted to Anastasia Web ladies watching the catalogues; but as it turned out this is really true, they are all very nice!
    Q: When you were making your decision to come to Russia and go on this trip what was it about Russian ladies that made you decide on it?


    I had a great interest in Russia for years; now Iím on Anastasia Web tour to see whether we could be friends

    Q: What made you choose Russia even though the hassle was more compared to going to Latin America for example?


    A girl I met on Anastasia Web tour is 23, and Iím 45; we spent a couple of days touring the Kremlin together

    Q: Are there any results after the socials?


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